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In Memoriam

Mike Atkinson 1938-2021

Always a very exploring type young lad, even at the age of 4, Mike would roam throughout the forest exploring wherever he lived, by himself. He realized early on that the woods were in his heart, and he was going to make that his profession in life.

After graduating from Oregon State University, with a forestry degree, he was employed for Chickering Mapping, taking him into the forest, and giving him a great sense of township/range/section; section corners/quarter corners/donation land claims, and land markers, in California, and Oregon.

He and wife Grace partnered with his parents to purchase 255 acres; they raised a family, (their 5 children) who learned at a young age to explore and care for the their forestland, and to leave it better than found.

Mike was a forester at Weyerhaeuser Company in Springfield for 39 years where applied his forest stewardship skills.

He was also a member of the Crow School Board for 12 years; Western Lane Forest Protective Association, where he was a board member from 1987 and chair from 1998 -2010. Being a longtime member of the Oregon Tree Farm System Inc. (OTFS), with the Atkinson forest being certified in 1966, he became a Tree Farm Inspector, and later State Inspection Coordinator. Mike joined the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, (OSWA) in 1972, where he coordinated the Lane County OSWA annual tree seedling sale. He was also a member of the Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine Conservation Association and Lane Families for Farms and Forests.

Not everything was just for his forestry profession, he enjoyed family trips, watching his children, and grandchildren participate in sports, including track and field, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. He enjoyed involvement in Willamette Cascade Model Railroad Club, as well as excursions on Southern Pacific steam locomotive 4449. This included taking his grandson Marc, a young train enthusiast, who got excited about their trip on the 4449 steam locomotive excursion to Bend.

A member of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church since 1964, he was actively involved in the Administrative Council, the Fern Ridge Beef Pit bbq, held at St. Catherine's park, the silent auction, and provided the oak for the bbq pit for over 50 years; his last oak delivery will supply the pit for the next two years.

Mike thoroughly enjoyed working in the forest that he so loved. He had the support of your friendship, forest stewardship, and guidance. We have learned so much from each person that he met who was involved in forestry as well as others in caring for our forests, and truly being stewards of the forest.

A forester to the very end, looking out at his work, passing it along to future generations, it was time to call it a day, and he peacefully went to sleep, at his home.

Mike will be greatly missed by his many friends and acquaintances at the Oregon Tree Farm System Inc. (OTFS)

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Just the Facts

Stewardship Plan Cost Share

Periodically, the Oregon Department of Forestry may have funds available to cost share development of stewardship plans [aka, forest management plans]. To find out if funds are available, contact your local ODF Stewardship Forester. Stewardship Forester contact information can be found at: http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/Working/Pages/FindAForester.aspx

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The Oregon Tree Farm Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund can accept donations from persons or organizations as Memorials, as Honorariums, or as Special Gifts. Donations can be cash, property, securities or any other form of wealth acceptable to the Fund Administrator. Current donations amount to over $100K working for OTFS through security investments.

The donated principal amount can never be withdrawn. Only interest, dividends, long and short term capital gains, and/or investment gain can be removed from the Memorial Fund as measured by a clear formula applied yearly at December 31.

The Memorial Fund was designed to provide property owners an opportunity to offer conditional or non-conditional property gifts, for example, Family Tree Farms.

Conditional gifts could carry a written contractual agreement instructing the Fund Administrator how that donation must be handled. The landowner may instruct the Memorial Fund to manage the property for benefit of the Memorial Fund or any other named beneficiary.

Alternatively, instructions may provide the Memorial Fund direction for selling the property. Conditional gifts must be approved by the Fund Administrator before acceptance. Inquiries held in strictest confidence.

Please send your donations, phone, or email inquiries to:
Dick Courter, Standing Chair and Founder
OTFS Memorial Fund
1600 NW Skyline Blvd.
PORTLAND, Ore. 97229
(503) 297-1660

Oregon Tree Farm System Inc. (OTFS) Education Video Series

OTFS Video - A Forest Legacy (5 min)

A Forest Legacy
running time  5:00

OTFS Video - Wood Production (9 min)

Wood Production
running time  9:00

OTFS Video - Wood Production (8 min)

Water Quality
running time  8:00

OTFS Video - Recreation (6 min)

running time  6:00

OTFS Video - Wildlife Habitat (5 min)

Wildlife Habitat
running time  5:00

OTFS Video - History Preserved (6 min)

History Preserved
running time  6:00

OTFS Video - Public Education (7 min)

Public Education
running time  7:00

OTFS Video - member Benefits (5 min)

Member Benefits
running time  5:00
Note: Contact Number is 503-588-1813

Other Interesting Video from members

Skidder Used to Thin Forest

Oregon Tree Farmer Jeff VanNatta operating a Morgan SX-70 skidder to thin their forest in Northwest Oregon. You can watch the YouTube video below.